Lil Candy Paint

Lil Candy Paint - 22 постер
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  • Длительность: 3:31
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Текст песни

she havin' deep thought, and i can see it

everything that i say, know i mean it

said "i love you," just believe it

i hate it when we argue for no reason

pourin' up that cup, i think i'm drinkin'

i'm pourin' up for nothin', think i'm fiendin'

she goin' off for nothin', think i'm cheatin'

i can't blame lil' baby, i'm a demon

we out, i order sprite and put codeine in it

but she don't like that shit when i be ignorant

i'm pourin' up the pint what you had spent on rent

if she don't like her ass, then we fixin' it

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