Gucci Dassy

Gucci Dassy - Eshay постер
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  • Длительность: 3:10
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Текст песни

Текст песни Gucci Dassy - Eshay

Everybody say eshay pop up the apcays

Few minutes passed and the door starts to eetsways

Get out the drinks and bender for three days

Lad, never fold, don't stop when we inkdray

Chop up the lines now sniff that shit

Everybody now beamin', hack that shit

Vibe with the irlgays dance to ongsays

Yungins comin' through everybody now make way

Got girls in the back, eshay

Boys in the front, dress code adlay

Went from the goonbags to the champagne

When we step in the club it's the yungins, eshay

Everybody say, "Eshay! Eshay! Eshay! Eshay!"

Eshay! Eshay! Eshay!

Yeah, started the day

TNs on my feet gotta keep it eetsway my brother

Drinks in the fridge, get the pre's down

With a little mix down in my inkdray my brother

Trust me the drink goes up down, eetsway

Side to side then we end up outside

But then we go up down

Left to right then we have a good night, eshay

eshay gucci dassy скачать песню

eshay gucci dassy скачать песню

eshay gucci dassy скачать песню

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